Head of the Charles - the day after

The Head of the Charles is one of the great annual events on the river and it was nice to see cleanup crews out in force this morning. Herter Park seems on its way to being cleaner after the event than it was before, and that would be an admirable approach for everyone who uses public places. If the damage alongside the Herter Community Garden was caused by the HOCR hopefully they will take care of that too.


  1. The location that is usually the worst-damaged after the Head of the Charles is the field west of the Eliot Bridge (i.e., between the bridge and the canoe rental kiosk). That is the section that usually does not recover again until late spring the following year. I hope it's better this year!


  2. Charlie D.10:57 AM

    That muddy spot near the Community Garden seems to be like that a lot. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing it not a muddy mess. I think the drainage needs to be fixed.