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The Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson has called on President Faust to reject an “ends justify the means” approach to campus expansion and suggest that Harvard can and should do much more to be a socially responsible neighbor in Allston. They recognize that "Harvard can either act apathetically toward the current community, or it can be receptive to residents’ needs and desires".

Noting that Harvard is not required to do anything for the residents of Allston, they nonetheless suggest that Harvard could make a variety of positive contributions to the community - from the small (open its shuttles to residents; extend bike paths and green streets into the neighborhood; allow the local elementary school to have consistent access to the new museum) to the large (build affordable housing on some of its many unused acres; open a University-affiliated Allston high school; or open its thousands of housing units to Harvard staff as well as graduate students).

For those of you anxious to see what Faust will say in her inauguration ceremony and if she will acknowledge the role that Harvard can have with its closest and newest neighbors, a live webcast will start at 2:00.

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