What changed at The Globe since September?

There is quite a contrast between The Globe's endorsement of Tim Schofield in the September preliminary election and today's endorsement of Mark Ciommo.

When endorsing Tim, The Globe downplayed the fact that Tim is not a long-time resident of Allston/Brighton, acknowledging that "other candidates in the race may have deeper roots in the district". But today, decades spent in the neighborhood are more noteworthy, and The Globe mentions that "Ciommo's roots are deep in the neighborhood".

In September, Tim's "solid knowledge of education issues" was significant. Today's endorsement of Mark makes no mention of his position on educational matters.

Most apparent, is that the endorsement of Tim started by describing the value of having a lawyer in the City Council to represent Allston/Brighton. They wrote:
"ATTORNEYS ARE overrepresented in politics. But if there is one place that
really needs the services of a good legal mind it would be the Allston-Brighton
section of Boston, where the expansion plans of Harvard and Boston College
dominate discussions among the candidates seeking to fill a coming vacancy on
the City Council."

But now, when faced with a choice between an attorney (Glennon) and the director of a senior center (Ciommo), The Globe doesn't support the attorney. Maybe Allston/Brighton's needs have changed in the last month or maybe The Globe thinks Greg doesn't have a good legal mind.

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