Glennon & Ciommo campaign finance reports now online

In partnership with Mike Pahre of the Brighton Centered Blog, and with help from both campaigns, the finance reports from the Mark Ciommo and Greg Glennon campaigns are now online at the AllstonBrighton2006 website.

- Ciommo
- Glennon

Ciommo raised $8,850 between September 8 and October 19, had $3,150 in the bank at the start of this period and spent $9,129. By far, his biggest expense was $4,500 for consulting services from Sage Systems. He also donated $100 to the Vocational Advancement Center. Politicians making donations to local non-profits is nothing new, but I always find it a bit strange when money people donate to a political campaign gets "re-gifted" to another organization.

Geographically, Ciommo brought in 55% of his donations from outside the Allston/Brighton district. 40% came from Brighton and 5% from Allston.

Glennon raised $8,608 in the same period, started with $7,814 in the bank, and spent $15,520. He spent almost $6,000 on printing, $3,700 on stamps, and $2,500 with a company called "Advantage Inc." for 'phone data' and 'data services'.

Geographically, Glennon brought in 78% of his donations from outside the Allston/Brighton district. 19% came from Brighton and 3% from Allston. Considering that Greg lives in Allston, it is strange that he had only one contributor who also lives in Allston. This also is consistent with my unscientific survey of the yard signs in the section of Allston where Greg and I live. There aren't that many signs for either candidate around here, but my impression is that there are more Ciommo signs than Glennon signs, suggesting that Greg may not have much of a home-field advantage in this precinct.


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