Will more Harvard Allston employees live in Allston/Brighton?

Historically, Boston has done a pretty poor job of convincing Harvard's employees who work in Allston to live nearby in Allston or Brighton. I don't have specific data on how many Harvard employees live in 02134/02135, but only 8% of Harvard's Allston employees bike or walk to work (and some of them are probably coming from Brookline, Cambridge, or beyond). Strangely, Harvard's plan for the Science Complex only increases this bike/walk number to 10% which demonstrates Harvard's meager interest in having Harvard's employees live in new or existing housing in our neighborhood.

Harvard and Boston both talk about being "green" and creating urban, walkable communities, and nothing is "greener" than an environment where people can leave their cars at home and walk to work, school, and local stores. Having more Harvard employees live in Allston and Brighton would also mean more business for local stores and more money in the Boston economy. (Yes, I know right now Harvard hasn't left many places to shop in North Allston and North Brighton, but for the sake of argument let's be optimistic and forward-thinking).

Any discussion about where people choose to live must focus on the quality of the local public schools. The Allston/Brighton community has been clear about our need for substantial improvements to the educational opportunities in our neighborhood but Harvard has responded with only an offer for some unknown amount of after-school tutoring. When Harvard's new or existing Allston employees consider where to live (and many Harvard employees will be able to afford Brookline or Newton) will they choose Allston or Brighton?

To put it in pictures, compare the size and facilities of the only public school in North Allston or North Brighton, the Gardner School, with the nearest public school in Brookline, the Devotion School. If you were a scientist recruited by Harvard to work at the new Science Complex, which one would you choose for your children?
If Harvard really wanted to partner with our community and create a sustainable community (and not just a sustainable campus), could Harvard and the City do something to change your answer to the question above?

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