Tuesday deadline for nominations to the State's Citizens Advisory Committee to review Harvard's expansion

The State is accepting nominations for the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) that will oversee review of Harvard's expansion through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act office. The CAC is an opportunity for us to create a new, independent, and officially recognized group distinct from the the City's review that has frustrated so many people in the neighborhood over the past several months. The CAC will also have money to hire consultants to review Harvard's plans.

Tuesday is the deadline to be nominated for the CAC. You can nominate yourself by sending and email to briony.angus@state.ma.us. The email should be addressed to Ian A. Bowles, Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. It also will help to be nominated by one of our elected officials at the State House so you can feel free to ask any or all of them to nominate you:

· Rep. Mike Moran - Rep.MichaelMoran@Hou.State.MA.US
· Rep. Kevin Honan - Rep.KevinHonan@hou.state.ma.us
· Senator Steve Tolman - Steven.Tolman@state.ma.us
· Senator-elect Anthony Galluccio - AnthonyGalluccio@comcast.net

The selection of Chairman/Chairwoman of the CAC will have a huge impact on how effectively the CAC can advocate for our community, so you might also want to let Secretary Bowles know your thoughts about how governance of the CAC should be similar to or different from the BRA's Task Force.

For more information about the CAC you can contact Briony Angus at the MEPA office briony.angus@state.ma.us or (617) 626-1029.

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