Art + empty buildings

Another reminder of what Harvard and the other owners of vacant commercial space could do if they wanted

London Artists Turn Empty Commercial Space Into Galleries -
"Now independent curators and entrepreneurial artists like Mr. Tarrant are stepping into the breach, persuading landlords and municipal councils to turn vacant spaces over to them temporarily. Galleries have sprung up throughout the country, and particularly in London, in spots as varied as shopping mall outlets, a scooter showroom and a video store."

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  1. The BRA sent out a call for artists to exhibit in empty buildings downtown a couple months ago. I can't remember the details, but it sounded like a pretty lousy deal to me at the time. I think there was a heft application fee involved, a lengthy application process, and some other participation costs... Basically a large output of cash and effort to spruce up a building the city can't be bothered to upkeep in a scary area where one will never attract the attention of a potential buyer. Sign me up!