19,000 watch Harvard's first night football game

Harvard 24 - Brown 17 —Official Web Site of Harvard University Athletics

When I went down North Harvard St at 7:00 last night (1/2 hour before kickoff) the situation seemed quite good from a neighborhood perspective - minimal traffic delays and fans around the stadium not creating any problems. I have no idea where Harvard parked all the cars, and just a few days ago Harvard predicted that attendance at the game might reach 10,000 and they ended up with almost twice that. It will be interesting to hear from people who live on Franklin St, North Harvard, Rena, Hopedale, and elsewhere to see how they were or weren't impacted by pre- or post-game activities.


  1. We're just off of Franklin about halfway between North Harvard and Lincoln Streets. Things seemed mostly unaffected here in our little part of the world. As you mentioned, traffic delays were present, but were minor to moderate. The distant sound of the game announcer on the PA system wasn't bothersome.

    By the way, I recently left a comment on Michael Pahre's Brighton Centered blog thanking him for all of the time and energy he spends keeping the community informed. I wanted to say the same to you. Of late, I've really become so much more aware of what goes on in our neighborhoods, and it's all due to these two blogs. Thank you very much!

  2. I concur with Eric's and Michael's comments - Harvard seems to have done as much as possible to reduce the game's impact to our neighborhood. Most fans seemed to be walking over the bridge from Cambridge. And kudos for running such as informative blog.

  3. It looked like they parked zillions of cars on the rugby and soccer fields behind the skating rink. I was away for most of the day and avoided N. Harvard St as much as possible for my drive home. Driving on Soldier's Field Road around the athletic fields I saw a sea of cars parked back there. As far as an influx of people/noise goes, there were some clearly drunk people walking down Franklin Street, but that's all I really noticed - and there's nothing new about people being drunk and stupid walking down Franklin Street, I'm afraid.