My support for Alex Selvig and emails over the weekend

Over on the Brighton Centered blog, Mike Pahre has written an entry about my support for Alex Selvig and some emails sent over the weekend that I and many other people consider inappropriate, unfortunate, and regrettable.

Publishing and analyzing the campaign finance reports of the City Council candidates was done to increase openness and transparency of the election process and to give the voters of Allston and Brighton insight into whose money the candidates are taking in their quest to become our City Councilor. Transparency and openness have been hallmarks of Alex's campaign and when he published his finance reports on his website and called on the other candidates to do the same, I saw a candidate that I would be proud to have represent me on the City Council and who would work hard to bring similar openness to many of the things that happen at City Hall that affect us but that are too often kept far from the public eye.

When I read the "BoughtPolitician" emails sent over the weekend I didn't think the tone was at all appropriate. In general, this campaign has avoided nastiness, name calling, or other things that too often happen in politics. I was dismayed when I found out that Alex might have been involved with them.

Is this in the same league as the anti-Fred Thompson website recently created by people related to the Romney campaign? Or the Swift Boating of John Kerry? Or the circumstances that led to Joe Biden abandoning his bid for President in 1988?

Regardless, I think the author of these emails could have found a better way to voice the concern that he or she shares with many others in the community about who is funding the Hanlon and Schofield campaigns.

Will this affect the outcome of tomorrow's election? I doubt it. If Alex (as a first time candidate) beats any of the 4 remaining candidates (who have all run for elected office in Allston/Brighton before) I think it will be a surprise to many, including myself. Six months ago, how many people knew the name Alex Selvig?

After all this, I still am supporting Alex. His lawn sign is still in my front yard and I look forward to seeing many of my neighbors tomorrow voting at the Honan Library when I will ask you to consider voting for Alex. There were times when I was horrified by things that Bill Clinton did that were much worse than a few derogatory emails. But on the whole I think he was a pretty good president and I think Alex would be a very good City Councilor if we are fortunate enough to have him represent us.

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