One of "Boston's largest and most notorious landlords" supports Rosie Hanlon

$500 of Rosie Hanlon's campaign contributions came from Leonard Samia. If you live in Allston or Brighton, chances are pretty good that he owns rental property near you. If there is any truth to these stories in the Boston Globe, this might be one check that Rosie should consider returning.

Landlord with Boston ties lashed for Katrina evictions
"According to former residents, housing advocates, and legal aid attorneys in Louisiana, Samia took advantage of the chaos that consumed New Orleans after the hurricane -- a lawless time when police, courts, and social service agencies were overwhelmed with emergencies -- to force out tenants. The tenants were among the city's most vulnerable residents, their lawyers said, lacking the money and know-how to fight the eviction pressure they faced."
Reputation among tenant advocates precedes magnate

"As Samia's real estate empire grew, he began to attract the attention of the city's housing, building, and code enforcement officials. In the past five years, he has repeatedly been hit with citations by the city's Inspectional Services Department for a litany of code and maintenance violations, including improper trash storage, unshoveled snow, and unlicensed flammable substances.
The 20 criminal cases that have been brought against Samia in Boston Housing Court since 1999 reflect more serious safety violations, such as uncertified fire escapes and unmaintained smoke detectors."

The Hanlon campaign did not respond to my inquiry about this Leonard Samia contribution.

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