Harvard to fund professional assistance to Adivisory Committee

We haven't seen the details of the "Special Review Procedure" yet, but the press release has some very positive news. Harvard is funding professional assistance that will be a great help.

"The Special Review Procedure for the Harvard-Allston project requires Interim Updates every
three years. It also requires every project-specific filing to go through an extensive public
comment process.

For the purpose of that public comment process, the Special Review Procedure establishes a Citizens Advisory Committee, consisting of the City of Boston’s Harvard Allston Task Force and several additional members to be named by the Secretary.

In addition, Harvard has agreed to provide financial resources to allow the CAC to retain professional expertise for the purpose of reviewing technical planning documents on issues pertaining to transportation, energy, and air quality produced through the Special Review Procedure.

“This is a development of great complexity that will take place over many years, and public input will be essential,” said Secretary Bowles. “The commitment made by Harvard to fund technical assistance to support the community review process will make that process even more fruitful.”


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    The Mayor's Allston task force are all puppets for the city of Boston and Harvard University. They do not let the public comment when they are in session they tell people to shutup.

  2. If you would like to share your concerns with the Task Force, you can email the group at HarvardAllstonTaskForce@googlegroups.com. That will probably accomplish more than anonymous name calling.

    I don't think anyone who has been keeping track of what is happening would call me a puppet.