There are plenty of ways to rationalize this - bad weather, idiodic district boundaries, two elections in one month, etc. - but we need to vote if we want the attention that we need from our elected officials
Six percent vote in A-B - Brighton, MA - Allston/Brighton TAB


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    6% - pretty pathetic. How many candidates were from Boston? 0. Just another Cambridge democrat, who cares. The last guy was a complete fraud, why should the next be any different.

    One a side note, why is it that our polling place changes every year? First it was the Gardner school, then a vacant Harvard building on Everett St, now the library. It's ridiculous. Pick a spot and maybe the voters can find it.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Yeah, I agree with the first poster.

    I was less than amused to bike out in the pouring rain on my lunch hour to discover that the Everett Street location was not in service. I'd been told that Everett street was our polling place when I changed my voter registration to our new Allston address from our old one - three months ago.

    Of course, there was a sign there and some guy in a car to redirect me - but I could have done without the extra runaround, particularly with the weather.