What Harvard does in Longwood for job training and career development and the little attention the subject has been given here

I mentioned the Boston Health Care and Research Training Institute in a post last year and it is worth mentioning again now. This profile and this website describe a great program for Boston residents living near the Longwood Medical Area. It provides entry-level workers with education and support so they can build skills, earn higher wages, and advance in their career in the health care industry.

I am baffled that between the City (which funds this Longwood program and lists it on the BRA website), Task Force (whose members have talked at length about creating job opportunities for Allston/Brighton residents at Harvard's Science Complex), and Harvard (who is a "proud member" of the Institute in Longwood), we have not been able to agree on a similar program here in our neighborhood.

In the Science Complex DPIR, Harvard "offers to complement the BRA Jobs and Adult Education programs by developing a workforce development program with the City" which sounds great, but what kind of program will it be? Who will fund it? How many people will be able to enroll? Do we want at least preliminary answers to these questions before the project is approved or should we just wait and see?

This sort of thing can almost give the impression that Harvard isn't concerned with public opinion about the Science Complex. Because it seems so easy, when the program that we want and that makes so much sense already exists just a few miles away, for Harvard to announce that they will expand the Boston Health Care and Research Training Institute and bring this program here for Allston and Brighton residents. Maybe Harvard could even find a couple thousand square feet in the Science Complex to house the program's offices and classrooms. People would stand up and applaud, the Science Complex would enjoy greater community support, and the whole review process would feel like it was yielding something worthwhile for the community.

Instead there is a vague "offer" (which is much weaker than saying "Harvard will develop a workforce development program") and little attention given to this important subject, and that is too bad.


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