More on Tuesday's State Senate election

On Wednesday I went to a house party on Windom St for Tim Flaherty, one of the candidates to replace Jarrett Barrios and represent parts of Allston/Brighton in the State Senate. He talked about a typical set of issues - education, Harvard's expansion, public safety, preventing drug abuse - and in some cases I felt went a bit too far in what he told us he would do as a State Senator. Certainly as one of 40 people in the Senate you can do some good things, but I don't know how one senator is going to create drug treatment centers or solve the problem of Oxycontin abuse.

As far as I know, Tim is the only one of the four candidates who has come to our neighborhood for any personal events. They are all stuffing our mailboxes with lots of postcards, but actually showing up here and talking to people is much more important than just sending us mail.

Senate hopefuls tout their ties, skills - The Boston Globe

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