What to write the BRA?

A week from today is the deadline for comments to the BRA about Harvard's Science Complex. What should you write? Anything!

If you don't want to write about technical issues like automobile mode share or groundwater levels, write about how you feel about the relationship between Harvard and our community. Write about the Task Force, the Task Force meetings, or the BRA. Are you satisfied, frustrated, confident, overwhelmed, or something else?

Our written comments form the official summary of the past several months of meetings and that is very important. Spoken comments at meetings are good too, but those are often not recorded in the minutes and they leave no permanent record.

Even if you write just a few sentences, please write!

As a reminder of what we have written in the past, the community submitted these comments about the Science Complex in December 2006 and these comments in February 2007 about projects including the Science Complex in Harvard's Master Plan Amendment.

Send your comments to Gerald.Autler.bra@cityofboston.gov.

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