City Council campaign finance review - notable donor names

In partnership with the Brighton Centered blog, the campaign finance reports for the 5 city council candidates are now online at the AllstonBrighton2006 website. There are a bunch of ways to look at this data - here are some of the recognizable names that appear in the donor lists.

Tim Schofield: State Senator Steve Tolman, State Rep Garrett Bradley, Dave Friedman (former candidate for State Rep), Michael Bloom (staffer for former State Senator Jarrett Barrios), State Rep Jamie Eldridge, Brookline Selectmen Jesse Mermell, former candidate for City Council Susan Passoni, Dennis Quilty (lawyer specializing in zoning and licensing), State Rep Frank Smizik, James Tierney (senior advisor at the BRA), Warren Tolman (former candidate for governor)

Mark Ciommo: State Senator Steve Tolman, Kristen Franks (District representative for Congressman Capuano, and former staffer for Councilor Jerry McDermott), Michael McCormack (former City Councilor and lawyer)

Rosie Hanlon: Michael McCormack (former City Councilor and lawyer), State Senator Steve Tolman

Greg Glennon: former Mayor Ray Flynn, Patrick Galvin (brother of and campaign manager for Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin), Brian Golden (former State Rep)


  1. Sicut Patribus Sit Deus Nobis.
    Civitatis Regimine Donata A.D.1822.
    Condita A.D.

    Boston Election Department
    Boston City Hall Room 241
    Boston Massachusetts 02201

    617 635-4635
    fax 617 635-4483

    Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
    Geraldine Cuddyer, Chair
    gerry.cuddyer at

    [ chasing arrows not contained inside a circle ]

    Printed on Recycled Paper

    September 21, 2007

    Re: Appeal No. SPR07/2244

    Per your request for email addresses and websites for Boston City Council Candidates, I am advising you that the Boston Election Department currently does not keep this information in any list form, nor do we request it of candidates.

    Therefore, to comply with your request, it will be necessary for my staff to go through past correspondence to determine if an email or website address is attached to the correspondence.

    It should be noted that this search of past correspondence may reveal that no such information exists for particular candidates.

    Please find below an estimate of the cost of the work:

    One hour research by a student intern at $10.00 per hour $10.00
    Copies of each document @ $.20 per copy (27 copies x .20) $5.40
    Total Estimate $15.40

    I am basing this estimate on the fact that there are 27 candidates for City Council, in the District and At Large Races, and that one document is found for each candidate.

    Clearly understand, however, that some candidates may not have websites or use email, while others may do both, and we may have to copy two documents for one person, if the information requested is not all on one document.

    Upon receipt of your money order for $15.40, my staff will commence the research needed to fulfill your request.

    In the event that the research shows that you have overpaid, the excess amount will be refunded to you.
    Geraldine Cuddyer
    Chair, Board of Commissioners
    Boston Election Department
    gerry.cuddyer at

    Sean Nehill, City of Boston Law Department
    sean.nehill at

    Shawn Williams,
    Massachusetts Public Records Division
    shawn.williams at"

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