Another view on the creation of the Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum

In the Globe's endorsement of Tim Schofield for City Council, the editorial board commented that "Schofield has proven his commitment by leading the effort to build a heritage museum to honor the neighborhood's bicentennial anniversary."

John Quatrale, Brighton resident and Executive Director of the Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum who is supporting Mark Ciommo writes in with the following viewpoint:
I am writing in response to the Globe editorial entitled “For council in Allston-Brighton”. I do not believe the editorial told the whole story.

I know Mark Ciommo and I worked closely with him on the creation of the new Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum. Mark immediately embraced the vision for the new Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum. Working cooperatively with the City, Mark’s involvement was essential during the planning, organizing, and implementation and we would not have met our goal of opening on the Bicentennial founding date of February 24th without his help.

Mark has strong roots in the community. The breadth and depth of his commitment to and knowledge of Allston-Brighton through his work with seniors, youth and families, is unsurpassed by any other candidate in the race for Allston-Brighton District City Council. That is why I am voting for Mark Ciommo on September 25th.

Tim Schofield, Mark Ciommo (the executive director of the Veronica Smith Senior Center which houses the museum in its basement), John Quatrale, Bill Marchione (president of the Brighton Allston Historical Society and a contributor to the Schofield campaign), and many others certainly deserve credit. Whether or not Tim "led the effort" is a question that I can't answer.

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