When dissonant chords strike - Band practce in Allston

When dissonant chords strike - The Boston Globe

There isn't much 'news' in this story about how bands sometime disturb neighbors when they perform and practice. I found it interesting that the story quotes Jerry McDermott and refers to him as "the area's city councilor". I thought he had moved to Westwood by now so it is strange to see him giving interviews about what is happening here in A/B.

For bands with a couple hundred dollars per month to spend on rehearsal space, there is The Sound Museum a Boston-based company that rents practice and recording space. They have locations in Union Sq and near Cambridge St in Allston. As an alternative, Tim McHale suggests "a community arts center that would provide space for musicians to practice outside residential neighborhoods" which is one of the many useful things that could be done with Harvard's empty buildings here in Allston and Brighton.

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