Monday - LAST CHANCE for comments on the Harvard Science Complex

Here is what some of our neighbors are writing. Please take a few minutes to send your thoughts to

Jeff Bryan -

Harry Mattison -

Karen Smith -

C. Girvani Leerer -

Community Planning Initiative group -

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  1. Kasey Wickman9:29 PM

    Hi Mr. Mattison-
    I write for the Daily Free Press at Boston University. I think that we actually talked a little for an article last year, also about the Harvard expansion. I'd be really interested in catching up with you in the next few days for a sort of update on the BRA/Harvard/A-B situation. If you could email me back as soon as you can at, I'd really appreciate it. We'd like to get this article to print within the next few days, so sooner is better.
    Thanks again-
    -Kasey Wickman