Allston's #66 and other MBTA buses hamstrung by funding

BostonNOW: MBTA buses hamstrung by funding - Bunched-up routes, delays and one study that could make it better

Many bus riders have their share of complaints. In particular, the No. 66 was a target of scrutiny.

"The 66 can be terrible when the weather's poor - or maybe I just notice it more, what with standing in the rain or snow and all," said Rima Chaddha, 24, of Allston. "It's supposed to run every 20 minutes, and even quicker during rush hour, but I've regularly had experiences where I've spent 35 to 40 minutes, even an hour waiting."

"I take the No. 66 bus pretty much everyday. For a better part of the day, the bus is supposed to run every 10 minutes. I find myself waiting at least 15 minutes, but usually 20 or 25," said Lauren-Ashley Fuller, 21, of Allston. "I realize that the schedules are just suggestions."

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