Harvard Farm Is Newest Allston Notion

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Farm Is Newest Allston Notion

This is one of the best ideas that I have seen from Harvard Square in quite a while. The proposal for a working farm in Allston is being championed by the Harvard student organization Sustainable Allston. This would fit beautifully with Mayor Menino's goals to improve the environment as part of the "Grow Boston Greener" program announced in this press release.

If you add in some community gardens (there are community gardens along the Charles River and some in Allston south of the Mass Pike, but none in the North Allston/North Brighton area where Harvard is our neighbor), a famers' market, some public art (possibly some scuplture associated with the Art Museum that Harvard talks about building in Allston) and this could really be something wonderful.

A joint Harvard-community green development like this would be a great mixing area for the Harvard and Allston/Brighton communities to mingle and interact. Farmer-students would meet Allston and Brighton residents who grow flowers and vegetables on nearby plots, local children and Gardner school students could be involved to learn about the environment, agriculture, and nutrition, and people from across the neighborhood could stroll in and around the gardens, shop at the market, and enjoy nature in a unique setting in this urban location.


  1. This is an excellent idea! We could use a farmer's market since the produce options here are more often than not far from fresh, often overpriced and usually sprayed with who-knows-what...

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    what a great idea. i wonder what the best way is for community members to try and keep this idea alive...

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