If you want to sleep, don't live in Boston?

In the opinion of an anonymous reader, everyone living in Boston should accept the inevitability of loud, all night parties. Anonymous is right that I knew when I moved to Allston that Harvard, BU, and BC were in the general vicinity (though I don't live particularly close to any college campus). I also knew that noise from the Mass Pike can be heard from my house, that helicopters fly over frequently, that train whistles can be heard from trains on the tracks along the Mass Pike, etc., etc.

It is also true that the Boston Municipal Code (chapter 16, section 26) sets a standard for noise that is unreasonable or excessive.

Most importantly I would hope, regardless of where one lives, that neighbors will treat their neighbors considerately and with courtesy. This is all the more important when people live in close quarters like we do here. Maybe people who feel they have a right to have loud outdoor parties at 3 a.m. should move somewhere they can do this without harming other people.


  1. I've seen that 'Move!' attitude before, straight outta the drunken mouth of an upstairs neighbor after a 2-hour drum circle.

    Ah, selfishness at its finest. Not much of a surprise that the comment was an anonymous one. Some people just plain suck.

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    ah once again we have a sophisticated brighton resident who loves to complain.

    maybe my friend, u suck. Maybe had you taken the opportunity to have a social life in college yourself you would feel differently. But then again probably not, because those people "suck".