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Ripening Nicely, Harvard Construction near fruition - Harvard Magazine

Harvard's alumni magazine profiles a few projects under construction in Cambridge. I can't help but notice that none of these buildings are anywhere near as tall or big as the Science Complex that Harvard has proposed to build in Allston. And considering the small scals of the Western Ave housing, it is fascinating that Harvard gave as much to the community as mentioned below.

- A new theater

- Housing at the intersection of Western Ave and Memorial Drive (former site of Mahoney's).
Harvard will turn the land in front of these buildings into a public park. Although the University proposed at first to put a park at the interior of the property, close to neighborhood houses and away from the traffic-filled streets, Riverside residents and some city councilors insisted that it be where it will be for its public visibility. Also as part of the deal that allowed this construction project to move forward, Harvard agreed to build and turn over to the city, after all the building permits it needed were in hand, 34 units of affordable housing.

- Laboratories on Oxford St
The 137,000-square-foot Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering, a.k.a. LISE. Only a third of the building is above ground. The building also includes a cafe and patio. The newly created quadrangle of which the patio is part will be landscaped in a way that accommodates an outdoor music performance space.

- The Northwest Science Building
This building has 210,000 square feet of space above ground and 260,000 square feet below (four stories up, four stories down).

The HTML version of this article seems to be missing some photos, so you can download the article in its printed format from www.harvard-magazine.com/lib/07mj/pdf/0507-32W.pdf

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