Harvard Stadium parking and the Boston Cannons

The Boston Cannons, Boston's Major League Lacrosse team, starts its home season on tonight at 7:00 at Harvard Stadium. Parking is $10 for cars to park at the Harvard athletic complex. Seats for the game cost $20 or $15 (seems expensive to watch a lacrosse game, if you ask me). Probably 1000+ cars will come into North Allston for this game.

One good reason for charging $10 to park is that it encourages people to use public transportation or otherwise get to the game without driving. One problem this creates people who drive to the game and park for free in unregulated street parking spaces in our neighborhood.

This also relates to the construction parking issue discussed at the Harvard meeting on Monday. Harvard obviously has hundreds of parking spaces that it can create on the athletic fields for Harvard-affiliated and non-affiliated events. So when it comes to parking for construction workers who will build the Science Complex on Western Ave, where should they park? Can the inconvenience created by this daily influx of several hundreds cars be shared between the Harvard and Allston communities?

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