Looking back on the big field for AB City Coucil back in 2002

After Brian Honan died in July 2002, a preliminary election in November and then a runoff in December between the top two vote getters was held to elect the new AB City Councilor. Of the nine who ran, two are back this year - Mark Ciommo and Rosie Hanlon.

In the preliminary election, Jerry McDermott topped the field with 1668 votes, while Mark Ciommo came in second with 1310. Cathi Cambell, a 34-year-old lawyer placed third with more than 1100 votes. The six other candidates who were also eliminated during the primary election were John Bruno, the 52-year-old owner of Brookline Bag and Paper Company; Gary Dotterman, a 58-year-old liberal activist; Rosie Hanlon, the 42-year-old director of Brighton Main Streets; Dan McLaughlin, a 32-year-old custodian for the Boston Public School system; Mark D. Trachtenberg, a former Boston city librarian; and Arturo Vasquez, president of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association.

McDermott won the runoff against Ciommo with 54% of the vote. His win followed two narrow losing bids for the Boston City Council.

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