Commenting on Harvard's Construction Plans

For "t.s." (who just commented about fencing around Harvard's construction site) or anyone else who can or can't attend the meeting on Monday and wants to comment on this, you can click here to email the BRA, Harvard, and the Task Force with your thoughts.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    when a university can invade a neighborhood, using clandestine methods via the Beale Corp., and replace our community with people who are anti-community, preaching secularism and atheism, there is NO long term benefit-they buy up property with their multi-billion dollar endowments and underpay everyone who has ever worked for them- I know this for a fact because I have live in the Allston community for almost 50 years and have known many families that have worked for Harvard-to show their sense of community, when I was a teenager in the 70's, Harvard WOULD NOT LET ANY LOCAL KIDS USE ANY OF THEIR FACILITIES-EVEN THE SMALL OFF-CAMPUS GYMNASIUMS-THAT IS THEIR SENSE OF COMMUNITY- I do not want any carpetbagger telling me about Harvard and their kind spirit and sense of community-my name is Donald D'Isidoro and I may be reached at