Globe editoral about the new $85 million home of WGBH

Studios worthy of the station - The Boston Globe

"...The five-story southern building, designed from scratch to WGBH's specifications, emphasizes the station's commitments to the community. It includes a 210-seat theater, with technology installed so that sight- or hearing-impaired people will be able to appreciate the programming. A performance studio will accommodate 75 listeners, triple the size of the old space. An atrium will accommodate 300 people for larger events. Becton has the space to help achieve his goal to "demystify media."

And passers-by will be treated to a view, through sound-proofed windows, of radio broadcasters at work. WGBH, with city permission, widened the sidewalks so that those who wanted to pause a while would not disrupt foot traffic. The station is determined to fit well in its new Brighton neighborhood. "Every step of the way, WGBH reached out to include the community," said City Councilor Jerry McDermott in a telephone interview. The theater will be available for local groups when not in use by the station..."

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