The Phoenix remembers Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace, 1983-2007 - News - The Phoenix

Kelly Wallace was killed on May 6, after her bike was hit by a car in a crosswalk at the intersection of Cambridge Street and Harvard Avenue, in Allston. Near that spot, a stark white “ghost bike” stands in her memory, adorned with handwritten notes and a profusion of blooming flowers.

It’s the second fatal bicycle accident in Boston in a month. But no newspaper besides the Eagle-Tribune, from near Wallace’s hometown of Methuen, seemed to notice. Why?

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  1. Because here in the Boston area people on bikes are very low on the totem pole. Drivers aren't taught or compelled to share the road, and I imagine there must be a tax-base issue here somewhere... It's disgusting that so little coverage is given when riders get killed - it only reinforces the attitude that riders aren't worth more than dirt and are merely in the way of cars.