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I tried using this relatively new City website to report the obvious signs of significant rodent activity at one of the least-maintained houses in the neighborhood. For some reason, the system would not accept the address when I selected "Allston/Brighton" from the neighborhood list. When I changed it back to "Select Neighborhood" then it went through.

The method of looking up existing reports is interesting because you can just type in different numbers and see what sort of problems other people are having. Go to and type in 16418 or most any number less than that to browse. 16369 is one that might help you choose where not to eat dinner. Someone with some time could easily look at a number of these to anaylze which parts of the city are having the most problems with rats, trash, etc.

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  1. I tried to enter the address of a business (restaurant) on Cambridge St. with a chronically open and putrid dumpster, and was unable to do so. The business has an address listed that the website doesn't recognize.