Bicyclist killed in Allston

I haven't seen much mention of this in the news, but on May 6 a bicyclist was hit by a car and killed at the intersection of Cambridge St & Harvard Ave (near the Sports Depot). This is just a short distance from the intersection of Franklin & Lincoln Streets where a bicyclist was hit and killed a couple years ago.

Please be careful and considerate! Bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians!

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I think you mean Harvard Ave, not North Harvard St.

    That intersection is terrible. The three lanes coming westbound downhill on Cambridge St is very fast and dangerous. Plus, the pavement is very bumpy. Making the left turn from Cambridge St onto Harvard Ave on a bicycle is quite a challenge.

  2. Adding to the plea for caution and consideration to all, I'd like to add one more: wear a helmet!
    Also, don't get sucked-into the falsehood that if you're riding on the sidewalk that you don't need to wear a helmet. You can have a spill without the help a vehicle, and concrete alone can do you in if you're not wearing one.