Q: Where do Harvard's alumni park their cars when they visit for reunion?

A: Not in Hahvahd Yahd, of course.

Many of them will park here in North Brighton at the Brighton Mills Shopping Center.

The Class of 1972 and Class of 1982 are two of the classes that will be there.

As the Class of '82 explains, "we have made arrangements with a Harvard Parking Lot to reserve space for the Class of 1982. We suggest you drive directly to the Harvard Parking Lot upon arrival in Cambridge...The Student Bellhops at the Parking Lot will have your 25th Reunion Parking Pass, which should be placed in your car's rear window to allow free movement in and out of the Parking Lot at any time."

The Brighton Mills parking lot can hold something like 700 cars. I don't know how many of these spots Harvard is taking for its reunion attendees, but if you are thinking about a trip to Petco or Shaws between June 6 and June 10, maybe allow a bit of extra time.

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