City Council candidates who had been planning to run for State Rep

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance website lists campaign finance reports for candidates and potential candidates for State office. Greg Glennon and Tim Schofield, two of the candidates for City Council to represent Allston & Brighton were recently considering runing for State Representative against Mike Moran.

Making laws at the State House is very different than being a City Councilor at City Hall. Allston & Brighton need a City Councilor who really wants to be City Councilor, so hopefully these two repeat candidates will present a clear explination of their sincere interest in City Council and why that is where they belong instead of at the State House.

2006 Year-end reports by the Committee to Elect Greg Glennon and the Committee to Elect Tim Schofield can be viewed by going to, selecting "View Reports", then "Candidates", then entering the last name. For some reason the way this website is built the links directly to these reports don't work.


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    None of the links work in this post

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    As a former candidate for political office, I would like to clarify the requirements for campaign finance accounts and reports. Any candidate or former candidate that is showing anything but a zero balance on their campaign account, is required by law to file timely reports and to keep their account active even if s/he never plans to run for political office again. Having a current and active campaign account is required by law. It does not mean that someone is planning or thinking of running for a particular political office in the near or distant future. Think about it. Why would Tim Schofield have endorsed and supported Mike Moran for State Representative after the primary if he planned to turn around and run against him in the near or distant future? I think I kept my campaign account open for about 4 years after I ran for city council in 1995 in the election won by Brian Honan, not because I planned to run against him, because I didn't, but the law required that I keep it open. Truly, Cathi Campbell

  3. Hi Cathi,

    It would be great to hear from Tim and Greg why they kept (and may still be keeping) these accounts open and active. The $942 and $458 in these accounts is not a ton of money but it is not peanuts either. What are the options for a past candidate to close the accounts? What would have to be done with this money to get to a zero balance so the accounts could be closed? Wouldn't it be a good step to, if possible, close these accounts as part of showing the community that their interest is really in representing Allston and Brighton in the City Council?

    This seems all the more relevant considering that Senator Barrios has just announced that he is resigning from his job representing parts of our neighborhood in the State Senate. Previously he was running for District Attorney, then dropped out of that race to defend his Senate seat. Now just a few months after starting his new term in office he is leaving. This experience shows how we might want to consider how committed a candidate will be to the job. Allston and Brighton, will all the complex issues on the table here, can't afford to have a City Councilor decide to move on to something else before the term is up.